‘Veterans Quilts’ is a new quilt category for the 2012 quilt show.  This category ‘Veterans Quilts’ will be treated as all other quilts in the show with the exception that we will donate all the ‘Veterans Quilts’ to veterans.  What Veterans?  The participants in this category will be working on this question and will determine where the quilts will be donated. 
The basic rules are as follows
100% quality, quilt store weight cotton.  They hold up in the long run.
Appropriate for adults. No Cutesy or kids fabric. Colorfast
Finished size:
No smaller than 50" by 60"
No larger than 72" by 90”
Ideal finished size: 54-6" by 66-8'
Patriotic colors/motifs
Red, White & Blue must be the main colors.  Three other colors can be used to enhance the pattern, if necessary.
I welcome your questions and comments.
Carolyn Stewart-Rowe, Chair of Veterans Quilts

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Veteran's Quilts